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Thale is an area of Harz that is a base for many legends and myths. The Hexentanzplatz where legend has it that the witches gather to dance around the fire before taking off on their brooms to the Brocken on Walpurgis night is now one of Harz's biggest festivals. On the Rosstrappe which can be reached by chair lift you can see the hoof mark that was left by the horse that was carrying Princess Brunhilde as she fled the unloved knight Bodo. In desperation to escape she jumped across the enormous valley that opened up in front of her. Her purser was not so lucky and fell to his death. According to legend he turned into a black dog and is still guarding the Princess crown which fell of as she made her escape.

Today Thale is a place of fun and relaxation. The Leisure world "Seilbahnen" Thale is the main point of attention. It is a large fun packed park where you can get the cable cars to the Hexentanzplatz and the Rosstrappe. You can also play miniature golf, or let the kids play in the two fun parks, with carrousel, sky dive, Luna loop, bumper boats, trampoline plus many more attractions. The excellent Kletterwald is a must do as long as you are not scared of heights.

On the top of the Hexentanzplatz you can find a zoo, playground plus an open air theatre that has been carved from the side of a mountain. One of the main attractions is the Harzbob, a toboggan run that covers a one thousand meter downhill track with racy turns and small jumps and can reach speeds of over 40km/h. It is open all year no matter what the weather. Thale is also a great starting place for sporting attractions and has an excellent downhill mountain bike path which you can reach by taking the chair lift. It is also used every year for the Rosstrappen downhill mountain biking event.

The Harzer Hexenstieg (witches' way) trek a bewitchingly beautiful and devilishly twisting 100-odd kilometre footpath right through the most northerly of Germany's central mountain ranges, one of Germanys top walking trails will take you to the other side of the Harz via the Brocken to Osterode a distance of 100 kilometres. If trekking across the Harz is not for you, than a closer option is to walk in the bode nature reserve. You follow the rive Bode into a valley surrounded on both sides by cliffy rocks that climb 250 meters high. All around the valley are walking trails and the Bodetal Shuttle bus will help you to return. The bode valley is a perfect spot for fishing and horse riding.

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