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Schierke is a small town located approximately 600 meters above sea level and with a population of around 800 inhabitants. It is located at the foot of the Brocken and within the valley of the river Bode. It is a traditional mountain health resort and a great location for all manner of sports. A walk through the village leads past lovingly designed buildings, hotels, hostels, cafes and restaurants.

Schierke is well known for a local drink Schierker Feuerstein, a semi sweet herbal liqueur. It was created in the 1920s by the owner of a pharmacy Willy Drube and was developed and patented in 1924. The liqueur is named for its reddish-brown colour to the reddish colour of the Granite the so-called Flint rocks in Schierke. It is a very popular drink in Germany and can be drunk neat or mixed. I prefer to drink it neat and slightly chilled.

Winter in Schierke stands for sports: skiing, toboggan and ice skating. 30 kilometres of well marked cross country ski paths are available, toboggan is possible at various locations with some great runs. If you are looking for fun on ice, Schierke offers ice skating, ice curling, an ice disco and an ice carnival. A ride on a horse drawn sleigh through the wintery forest is something for the romantics and the toboggan behind the sleigh is something for the children.

Schierke is a perfect place to start the trek to the Brocken, there are a number of paths, which you can take up to the summit. It is a steep climb and the views are breathtaking. Once you are near the top, you walk along the steam railway line. It is very pictures, when you see the train through the landscape and passing you.

Schierke is the last stop for the narrow gauge train to reach the summit. It is a very steep climb for the steam train and as it slowly approaches the top of the Brocken, some stunning views over the Harz will emerge. The train station is located 100 meters above the village.You can park your car just below and walk up to the station. Opposite the station is a small path, leading to the famous Feuerstein, the flint stone granite. It is a short walk and the flint stone stands unique in the surrounding woods. A closer train of sorts is the Brocken coaster, which is a fast downhill toboggan, and can be found just as you enter the town.

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