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Duderstadt is located in the lush Eichsfeld on the outskirts of the Harz mountain range. It is about 35 kilometres away from Bad Lauterberg. It is one of Germany's most beautiful towns of half timber framed buildings. With its unique townscape and medieval lanes that follow the same route as laid out over 700 years ago and with town houses that are slightly curved to follow the oval of the city walls, it is a pleasure to stroll though this town.

The Market Street which is mainly pedestrian contains many historic buildings. It stretches from the St Cyiakus Catholic church, built 1250 - 1490, down to the St Servatius Protestant church built 1370 - 1520. The steeples of these churches rise above the city and give it its unmistakable skyline. Between these two dominant churches stands the Town hall. One of the oldest and most beautiful in Germany.Construction of the town hall began in 1302, and it was completely restored in the 1980s. A visit inside will show you the former torture chambers, the large council chamber and an impressive wine cellar.

Built in 1343, the West Tower is one of at least eight gate towers that used to surrond the city walls. It was burnt down in 1424 and rebuilt over the course of 12 years. The West Tower has a very distinctive twisted roof. Though not the only tower in Germany with a twisted roof, its execution was particularly successful. There are a number of folk tales to explain the twist. One tale claims that when the devil was driving the men of Duderstadt to drink, the women drove him away, but not before he grabbed the tower and twisted it while passing over the wall, making his escape.

Duderstadt preserved ringwall encircles the medieval town center with a green belt of parks were you can relax under a canopy of horse chestnut trees. Back in town you can enjoy shopping in a spacious pedestrian precinct and good food in many restaurants. The town has many festivals during the year where local people dress in traditional clothes, preserving age old traditions and customs. Out side of Duderstadt are many small towns and villages that are well worth discovering. Most have small guesthouses and hotels and offer a good way to feel Germanys rural way of life.

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