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Bad Grund

Bad Grund is one of the oldest towns in Harz, nestled in a valley. It has often been seen as a hidden paradise for the people of Harz. Although it is a small town there are some surprising experiences to be made, like snowball fighting every Sunday in the summer months of June - August, or a visit to the Arboretum (exotic forest). About one kilometre from Bad Grund is the Hubichenstein an unusual stone formation 50 meters high. In 1897 it was crowned with an eagle which has a three meter wing span as a monument to Kaiser Wilhelm I.

Of particular note Bad Grund has a museum of clocks. This is a private collection of over 1600 clocks and is highly recommended. It is one of the largest collections in Europe. All sort of clocks from wall clocks to pocket watches are on display including many rare examples. The owner is always happy to show visitors around personally and explain more details. The clock museum also has a pleasant restaurant for coffee and cakes.

The Arboretum (exotic forest) was established in 1971and the first plantings in 1975. By 1987 a total of 84,890 trees and shrubs had been planted on 65 hectares. Today it contains about 600 species of woody plants from Asia, Europe, North America and Siberia. The park is free and has a number of walking paths.The town itself has an indoor bowling alley as well as a mini golf and tennis courts. A mini fairy tale land and a health centre with swimming pools, plus cave therapy and mud baths. The clear lakes invite swimming during the summer months. In the winter you can ice skate on those same lakes or ski on the many cross-country skiing trails. Just outside town is the Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum which is a new and exciting cave, and museum.

"The study of Genealogy has grown rapidly in the last few years. With the advent of the Internet as well as the ease of finding information, and with shows such as the excellent BBC "Who Do You Think You Are," a new wave of family historians have emerged. But the question is how far back in your family history can you go. If you are lucky you may be able to trace it back 200-300 years, possible a bit longer, but here in Bad Grund there is an amazing story going back 3000 years.
In the Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum Iberger Cave the remains of a Bronze Age family were found. Originally it was thought that may be the remains could have been the victims of cannibalism. Due to the calcium deposits that helped to preserve the remains within the caves it was possible to do DNA tests which showed that they were related to each other and that it was a family grave consisting of a mother, father and daughter.
In 2007 scientist asked for local volunteers to come forward and provide genetic samples by use of cotton swabs. 278 local residents came forward and unbelievable two positive matches were found which directly related them to their former ancestors nearly 3000 years ago. The results were 100% positive and would stand up in a court of law in a paternity case. The two men, Manfred Huchthausen and Uwe Lange who were only casual acquaintances before were informed that not only were they related to each other but they were descendents of a man who had lived in the area over 120 generations ago.
Today the The Hohlen Erlebnis Zentrum which houses a museum and an exhibition about the history of the earth and the geology of the Iberg Mountain presents this fascinating story in more detail. The Iberger Dripstone Cave itself is nice and a tour takes about 45 minutes."

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