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Altenau is situated in a region known as the Upper Harz and is one of the youngest of the seven Upper Harz Mountain towns and received city rights in 1617. At an altitude of 460m above sea level it is nestled in the beautiful Harz Mountains. The Brocken is about 12km east from Altenau. Today Altenau is a holiday resort with a therapeutic climate. It attracts year round tourists, who take advantage of the healthy air and the many wellness activities in and around Altenau and it is also the starting point for many hikes across the Harz.

The Herb Park opened in 2004 and is the largest herb park in Germany. It is a treat for your senses as you can smell and touch the herbs and spices. The great combinations of herbs, spices and fruits they have developed will raise a smile. You will not believe how many different types of mint can be developed; the pineapple and lavender mint is very intense. It will open your eyes to different combinations and if you like cooking, there is certainly inspiration to try something new. You can see how the special mixtures are made. And if you want to take it home, you can buy seeds or order the herbs and spices via the internet.

The new opened Crystal-Therme "Heisser Brocken" is a great addition to the many wellness offers in Altenau and it is a unique asset for the region. It offers the perfect escape from the everyday life and you can enjoy, saunas, hot spas and massages treatments. Set in a picturesque landscape with its healthy climate, clean air and thermal spas, you can cleanse your body and soul. Please be aware that you can enjoy the facilities with or without bathing suits. It will be a new and pleasant experience not to be missed!

During a visit to Altenau another way to enjoy herbs and plants is to visit the Altenau private brewery. It is the only remaining brewery in the Upper Harz. Tours and tastings can be arranged. In Altenau you have the choice of sports facilities for the winter time, for example cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding, ski-lifts and toboggan runs. In summer you can enjoy a swim in the forest swimming pool or play tennis. You can take part in a guided tour through the National Park or to the near surroundings of Altenau.

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